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Sporty Flip-Up Loupes 2.0x
Titanium Flip-Up Loupe 2.0x
Sporty Flip-Up Loupe 2.5x
Sporty Flip-Up Loupe 4.0x
Titanium Flip-Up Loupe 4.0x

How to use and adjust loupes?

Structure of loupes

This adjustment is controlled by turning the interpupillary adjustment knob back and forth, until the image converges into a circle.
For Kepler Loupes(4.0x to 6.0x), each optics can be independently adjusted until the image coverages into a circle.

Adjust the hinge mechanism

Follow the drawing to adjust the hinge mechanism, so that the optics are angled approximately 30 to 45 degrees below a horizontal line. This will allow the user to look down into the optics while working, while still allowing you to maintain an upright, ergonomic posture.

Fit on the sideshields from the tail of the frame, The sideshields will prevent aerosl spray of water, blood, and saliva from entering the eyes

There are two mounting hole on the hinge. If the loupe lens is short, fix lens onto the back hole. If the lens is long, fix the lens onto the front hole to prevent the ocular from touching the glass.